Thursday, February 18, 2010

that really chaps my lips

My lips have been chapped now for a solid 9 months. I thought they were getting better for a second there but they are having a freak out again. Everyone keeps telling me to go to the doctor but I really don't want to. It isn't because I hate doctors. Au contraire, I just recently skipped into my physician's office to see if I could get her to give me some speed so I wouldn't have to sleep so much. It failed. When I told her I was tired and I slept a lot she told me to "sleep while I can." Implying what? That some day I won't be able to sleep? That was just fucking stupid but she holds the prescription pad so I held my tongue.

For anyone who's worried about me. Don't be. While my goal in life is to have more energy and get more done, I'm not crazy. I didn't actually think she was going to give me speed.

Not really.

My point is, I'm not afraid to go to the doctor, it's just that it is a total pain in the ass and usually disappointing. Besides, I really want to figure this out on my own. I want to figure out with detective like precision which product may be the culprit and I want to find some home brew, nutty crunchy concoction that will cure me. I don't want to have to depend on a third party to get what I need.

Especially when they won't give it to me.

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  1. hmmmmm perpetually chapped lips...?!?! this is an odd one... but I'm on the case and I won't rest until your lips are as moist & supple as they once were... wait. Did I just cross from Super Sleuthville to Creepytown?